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Placing an order is easy
just follow the steps below

Click the
“CONTINUE” button
below and enter a valid:

  • IBO Business ID
  • Customer first name
  • Customer last name
  • Customer e-mail address
  • Customer contact phone number

Choose your offer, enter your order details and submit your order via the SFR portal.

When you receive your order confirmation email from SFR, go back to SFR main page - Do not close this page after STEP 1 or 2.

Alternatively, refer to the email you have received after having completed STEP 1 and follow the instructions.

Click the “SFR CONFIRMATION” button and enter the requested information, including the SFR order number(s)

Need more information?

Read-through our Do’s and Don’ts list.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood these instructions.