ACN in Partnership with SFR

  • Empty the browser cache and cookies before clicking on the ACN link to access the SFR order page
  • Once you reach the SFR order page:
    • avoid using the browser’s “back” and “forward” button
    • avoid refreshing the browser during the session

Check if you provided the correct address. If the error message still appears it means that there is no offer available on the provided address.

  • You shouldn’t use any service buttons such as:
    • Chat
    • Call numbers
    • To be recalled
  • If you do so, the order can be considered an SFR order instead of an ACN sale.
  • According to the legal restrictions the order can be placed only by the customer.
  • The IBO is not allowed to submit the order in the name of the customer. So when you are in the step of shopping cart approval, the IBO has to click the “Order later” button. The email with the shopping cart is sent to the customer immediately so they can validate the cart and complete the order.
  • If the customer did not receive the e-mail, they should first check their spam folder. If there’s no email, they should place a new order and make sure that they provide a correct email address.
  • After receiving the SFR order confirmation email, the customer should either go to the email received from ACN and click on the link or go back to ACN redirecting page and click the “Confirmation SFR” button. The customer has to provide the date of the order and the order confirmation number. This step is important to ensure that the order can be successfully tracked by ACN.
  • If the above information is not provided right after the order is placed, the order will not be linked to the IBO. The IBO will have to claim the missing customer in their Personal Customer List.
  • If the customer did not receive the email from ACN, they should contact their IBO. The IBO should then provide the required information via their Online Shop. All the fields in the form must be completed.
  • SFR will keep the customer informed about the delivery status (when the package was sent and when it was delivered to the delivery point).
  • The customer has 15 days to pick up the package, otherwise the product will be sent back to SFR.
  1. Be transparent about the sales conditions:
    • Service charge
    • Security deposit
    • Validity of promotions during 12 months
    • Charge Fee applicable if the customer terminates their contract earlier
  2. Explain of what the installation consists acheter du cialis en ligne of:
    • Show/ask questions to assess the importance of the required work by the technician
    • The technician may have to drill a hole to make the connection
    • The furniture next to the connection point needs to be moved the day of the appointment
    • Complementary services will cost extra (for example moving the connection point; installation by a technician etc.)
  3. Secure the appointment
    • To be present during the technician's visit and during the installation (possibility of being represented by a senior person)
    • The time of the installation varies according to the configuration set-up in the house
    • To be reachable; the technician might call from a masked number
    • To be able to access your local
  4. Guide the customer to connect the equipment (in case of self-installation)
    • An installation guide is supplied with the BOX
    • Leave the TV on for 1 hour on TF1 HD (Channel N ° 1)
  • Access the SFR partner site via the ACN landing page. Once you reach the SFR partner site, type in the search field the words “FAQ SFR” and click on “OK”. You will have access to the FAQs document related to both Box and Mobile products.