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ACN in Partnership with SFR


1. How can I be sure that my order is successfully tracked?

To be sure the order is successfully tracked:
- Use Chrome, Fire Fox or Internet Explorer to place your order. Do not use Safari, particularly from a mobile
- Empty the browser’s cache and cookies before clicking on the ACN link to access the SFR order page
- Once you reach the SFR order page:
 - DO NOT USE the browser’s back and forward button
 - DO NOT refresh the browser during the session


2. During the eligibility check, a pop-up with technical error appears. What should I do?

Double-check the address and if this message still appears, and you are certain that your area is eligible for the SFR service, escalate to the IBO Service team.


3. May I use any service buttons available on the website?

You shouldn’t use any service button such as:
- Chat
- Call numbers
- To be recalled
As the order will be considered an SFR order (not ACN sale)


4. May I submit the order in the name of the customer?

According to the legal restrictions, the order can be placed only by the customer.
The IBO is not allowed to submit the order in the name of the customer. So when you are in the step of shopping cart approval, the IBO has to click the [Order later] button. The e-mail with the shopping cart is sent to the customer immediately so they can validate the cart and complete the order.
Be aware that the IP addresses are being monitored. It is important that the customer finishes the order (submits their payment details and confirms the order) from their own computer and location. Failing to do so may lead to the black-listing of both the IP address that initiated the order and the customer’s bank details.


5. My customer ordered a mobile and now they want to order additional mobiles. How and when can they do it?

Additional mobile orders can be placed once the first mobile’s SIM has been activated and the customer has received the login details to the Customer Self-care Area.
Please remember to follow the below steps for each additional mobile order that you place:
- Close any open SFR session
- Clear the browser’s cache and cookies
- Submit your orders only through the ACN Online Shop or the website www.myacn.eu
To ensure you receive compensation, when placing the additional mobile orders, login to your self-care area once you are requested to do so during the order process


6. How many mobile SIMs can a customer acquire?

A customer can acquire a maximum of 4 SIMs per house hold


7. The customer did not receive an e-mail with the cart.

If the customer does not receive the e-mail, they should first check their spam folder. If there’s no email, they should place a new order and make sure that they provide a correct email address.


8. The customer gets an error message at the last stage of the process

If the customer gets an error message when submitting the order (after the Terms and Conditions have been agreed on) please advise them:
- Not to use the click to call button
- To place a new order through the Online Shop following these important steps:
  - Close the browser of the last session
  - Reopen a new session and clear cookies and browsing history
  - Place a new order via the IBO Online Shop and make sure to use the ‘Order Later’ (« Commander plus tard ») option
  - Make sure to finalise the order using the new e-mail from SFR, thus confirming the new shopping cart
If the problem persists please contact the ACN Contact Centre.


9. How can I be sure that the order will be linked to my Business ID?

After receiving the SFR order confirmation email, the customer should either go to the email received from ACN and click on the link or go back to ACN redirecting page and click Confirmation SFR button. The customer has to provide the date of the order and the order confirmation number. This step is important to ensure that the order can be successfully tracked by ACN.
If the above information is not provided right after the order is placed, the order will not be linked to the IBO. The IBO will have to claim the missing customer in their PCL.


10. The customer did not receive the e-mail from ACN (to track the order).

If the customer did not receive the e-mail from ACN, they should contact their IBO. The IBO should then provide the required information via their Online Shop. All the fields in the form must be completed.


11. What is the time frame for the equipment delivery?

Generally, the delivery takes up 48 hours; however, the shipment is arranged only after the order is validated. Time frame for order validation depends on the technology:
- Fiber orders are validated within  3 working days  after order submission
- ADSL orders are validated within 25 working days (the internal validation done by SFR takes up to 48 hours after order submission, plus the time it takes the incumbent to confirm the order’s activation date)
- After the order’s validation, the customer will receive an SMS with the login details to the Customer Self-care Area, where they can check the status of their order. Also, a delivery notification is sent via e-mail/SMS to the customer.


12. How much time the customer has to pick up the product from the delivery point?

When the package is sent, SFR will keep the customer informed about the delivery status (when the package was sent and when it was delivered to the delivery point).
The customer has 15 days to pick it up; otherwise, the product will be sent back to SFR.


13. Is the installation of the Box free of charge?

No, this comes with extra charge.
The activation of the line is free (le Raccordement est offert). The customer will receive the installation guide from SFR to help them connect their equipment.
During the appointment, the customer can choose to have the technician install the equipment on their behalf. This service comes with an extra fee.
For additional information access the SFR website via your Online Shop, and look for ‘prestations-complementaires-fibre’ using the search tool; you will have the most up to date information about the extra charge per type of additional service.


14. The customer did not receive delivery/ installation notification?

The delivery /installation notifications are sent after the order is validated. The time frame for order validation depends on the technology (up to 3 working days for Fiber and up to 25 working days for ADSL).
Advise the customer to log in to their Customer Self-care Area or to call the SFR Customer Service (1023) to check the status of the order.


15. What is the time frame for the installation?

The installation visit is arranged just after order validation. The time frame for order validation depends on the technology (up to 3 working days for Fiber and up to 25 working days for ADSL). The customer will receive the appointment confirmation via SMS/e-mail, and a reminder 2 days before the visit.


16. What should the customer do if the technician does not show up to the installation appointment?

If the customer did not receive an SMS from SFR with the instructions on how to proceed, advise them to contact the SFR Customer Service (1023).


17. What should the customer do if they missed the installation visit?

If the customer is absent during the technician visit, SFR will try to reach them during the next 8 days to reschedule the visit. They will send e-mails/SMS as well. If there is no contact with the customer within 45 days, the order will be cancelled.
The customer can call SFR Customer Service (1023) as well.


18. Should the customer cancel their current broadband service when moving to SFR?

No. When changing the service to SFR, it is important that the customer does not cancel their existing broadband service with another provider. SFR will take care of this for the customer.


19. Who should I contact if I have problems related to the pre-order process?

If you need assistance up until the moment when the customer has received the order confirmation email, contact the IBO Service Team.


20. Who should I contact with in case of any problem related to the post-order process?

If the customer has already received a confirmation e-mail from SFR, advise them to login to their Customer Self-care Area or call the SFR Customer Service (1023) to check the status of the order. The customer will receive the login details to the Customer Area via SMS once the order is validated.


21. What are the 4 key sales points for a successful installation of the customer?

- Is it the correct offer?
- Service activation fee - 49€
- Promotions valid 12 months
- Early cancellation fee if applicable
- Validate customer’s contact phone No + email

- Show / ask questions about the wall sockets to assess the scope of the required work
- The technician may have to drill a hole to make the connection
- The cables for this connection may be exposed (not hidden in the wall)
- The furniture next to the connection point needs to be moved the day of the appointment
- Additional services will cost extra (moving the connection point, ‘ready-to-use’ installation )

- An adult must be present during the technician's visit and during the installation
- The time of the installation varies according to the configuration set-up in the house
- Be reachable (the technician might call from an  anonymous number)
- Make sure the technician has access to all the sockets/all the parts of the installation in the building (like the technical box)

- An installation guide is provided with the BOX
- Sign the technician visit confirmation slip
- Leave your TV on for 1h on TF1 HD (channel No 1)
- The test plug


22. Where can I find answers to my Box and Mobile Questions?

Access the SFR partner site via the ACN landing page. Once you reach the SFR partner site, type in the search field the words “FAQ SFR” and click on “OK”. You will have access to the FAQ document related to both Box and Mobile.


23. My customer has an SFR billing related question. Who can they contact?

Please ask them to contact the SFR Call Center at 1023.



SFR Fibre Ordering Process


24. Why does SFR call my customer right after the subscription?

In most cases it is a satisfaction survey and/or to verify certain information.
As part of a subscription to a new Fiber offer, SFR is asked to call the customer to remind him of the appointment and the details


25. What is an NRO (optical connection node)?

In France, the optical connection node (NRO) is, in an optical fiber service network (FTTH), the place where the lines of the subscribers of the same district or the same city converge.


26. What is an NRA (Subscriber Connection Node)?

Also called "The telephone dispatcher" or "main distribution frame" the NRA is located in the central office. It is the equipment in which all the connections between the wired network serving the customers of a telecommunications operator (the local loop) and the infrastructures of the operators (voice, data or images) are made.


27. How do you know if a home is eligible to fibre or not (current SFR client or not)?

To obtain the very high speed internet, you must first be eligible to fiber. This means that you must live in a place that is served by fiber cables, and that these cables are connected to your home.
For the eligibility test, you can go to the SFR website via your ACN shop.


28. If an apartment is eligible to Orange fibre (or another competitor), is it also eligible for SFR fiber?

NOT necessarily. This requires that SFR is connected to the network. Only the eligibility test on the SFR website via your ACN shop will give this indication.


29. How can I get information on fibre plugs (fibre-optic) in my city?

SFR regularly communicates this information to ACN. Upon receipt of this information, we make it available to you via an AiA.
You can also go to the SFR website to find out about the fiber coverage of your city, here: http://www.sfr.fr/carte-couverture-reseau-sfr-fibre-optique/


30. Why is there no fiber in my city? Why is there no fiber everywhere in my city?

The physical deployment of fiber in France is done by zones. We also see big differences in coverage depending on whether you are in a big city, on the outskirts or in a rural area.
For the latter, a large French Broadband plan has been initiated by the government since 2013. It is planned to end in 2022, but realistically in 2025. SFR has 11 million fiber homes in France, more than a quarter of French homes!
The deployment of fiber networks requires major work to install in existing ducts (pipes, pipes, sewers ...) or by air. Once the fiber network is built on enough homes and businesses, it is then necessary that telecom operators install their equipment and activate their offers on these areas.


31. What are the newly open cities / areas?

ACN regularly communicates this information to IBOs via ACN in Action.


32. Why does the eligibility test not give me results? (In some cases, by calling SFR or by going into the shop, they are able to propose an offer)

This case may exist when the speed that can be offered to the person is very low (ie the person lives in a low coverage area). As a result, only SFR customer service is authorized to perform additional tests and offer 2P or 1P (telephone + internet or internet only).


33. Why is my apartment eligible for FTTB while there is a plug that can accommodate FTTH at home? Is it possible to change?

When both technologies are available, it is the eligibility test on SFR.fr that indicates the eligible offer
It is not possible to change technology because only the one indicated during the eligibility test can be installed
SFR offers the best available network at the time of subscription, this can either be FTTH or FTTB. 


34. Why cannot I sell an SFR fiber offer to an existing SFR fiber customer? (Warning: we are not talking here about ADSL migration to Fiber)

The IBO is and will be paid on the acquisition of a new customer coming from the competition (Orange, Free, Bouygues)
Customers of the following operators are excluded from the agreement: SFR, Numéricable, Neuf cegetel, Red by SFR
However, you can always switch to SFR fiber an existing SFR customer who has ADSL (migration)


35. What is the difference between a FTTB & FTTH offer?

FTTH is the acronym for Fibre To The Home. The subscriber is directly connected by an optical fiber "end-to-end". A fiber is pulled between the optical connection node (NRO) and the interior of the house and then connected to a modem
FTTB (fiber to the building). We also talk about optical fiber with coaxial termination. The entire horizontal network is optical fiber. Rather than go to houses, the fiber stops at an NRO, usually a street cabinet or a box in the cellar of a building. The data is then routed over coaxial cables that are also used to broadcast cable TV. 


36. Why does SFR Sport change its name?

We invite you to visit the following website to discover the SFR Sport Europe option:: https://www.sfr.fr/contenus/options/sfr-sport-europe.html
On July 3rd 2018, SFR SPORT becomes RMC SPORT


37. What does number portability mean? Can I keep my current phone number?

Number portability allows you to subscribe to the SFR Telephone Line Box while keeping your current telephone number. Your contacts can therefore reach you on the usual number. However, you can also request a new number (starting with 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05 depending on your region)
More details here: https://assistance.sfr.fr/internet-et-box/offres-box/comment-changer-operateur-rio-fixe.html